Creativity & Copyright – Week 2

I watched the Everything is a Remix movie. I learned that basically everything is a remix of something else. I think that copyright is an important part of every project for every developer, and it should not be changed. I liked the part about how basically everything from the Star Wars Original Trilogy (Episodes IV (4), V (5), and VI (6.))


I read the “Mickey Mouse & Deadmau5” article and the “Can You Copyright a Tweet?” article. I also learned that, unsurprisingly, Tweets on Twitter are not able to have copyright protection, because tweets are too short to have copyright protection. I thought that Disney was right to protect its logo.


I was informed of 10 important ways to show my creativity and get discovered. These steps are crucial to anyone from authors of books to YouTubers who make videos. Basically, anyone who makes anything should follow these important steps.


On Twitter, I talked to Precious about Star Wars. Because Star Wars characters are kinda like heroes, from Luke Skywalker to Rey.

I did three daily creates this week. They are:

Real-World Problems as Scary Stories for Daily Create #2421


Hero Toy for Daily Create #2424


Daily Create Time Machine for Daily Create #2426





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