Online Persona


Week 11/12 – Video Production/The Mini-Documentary

This week I have made three daily creates:

Put a Slogan on a Pencil for Daily Create #2511


Online Persona for Daily Create #2515


The Prince and the… for Daily Create #2522


I have also created a mini video documentary.


This week I have made a mini video documentary, and I have also made three more daily creates: Put a Slogan on a Pencil, Online Persona, and “The Prince and the…”.

Radio Show Critique

The Legends was very creative. It featured a lot of characters. I like how much character detail was put in. One of the commercials was very realistic, like an ASPCA TV commercial. There was one part that was funny, where one of the characters said something like “AHH! Crazy horse!” My biggest problem was that the actors could’ve been a little louder-speaking.

Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations was an interesting one. The first part with the middle-schooler and her mom was sad. The part with the Mexican myth was definitely chilling, fit for the month of October. The third part was a true kick-butt, superhero story! The part about saving the leopard didn’t make much sense. This one, too, could’ve been louder.

Shh, Listen! – Week 10

I have critiqued two radio shows that were not created with me involved.


I have also made two daily creates:

Pumpkin Carving Time for Daily Create #2476


Time Travel for Daily Create #2480


Invent a Word for Daily Create #2481


Compose Some Clickbait for Daily Create #2482


This week I have critiqued two radio shows and have made four daily creates: Pumpkin Carving Time, Time Travel, Invent a Word, and Compose Some Clickbait.